earnings from forced sexual work are calculated at $99 billion globally

earnings from forced sexual work are calculated at $99 billion globally

In accordance with a 2014 report through the Overseas Labour Organization on forced labor, commercial intimate exploitation accounted for just two thirds associated with earnings from forced labor. And forced sex work commanded the greatest earnings per target when compared with other styles of work like domestic work.

8. Earnings are greatest per sex trafficking victim in developed economies

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Though the wide range of victims is greatest in Asia, the annual earnings per target had been greatest in developed nations because traffickers can charge more for sex functions. The Global Labour Organization estimates annual prices of around $80,000 per target in developed countries and $55,000 at the center East.

9. You can find an believed 9,000 illicit massage parlors throughout the U.S.

Polaris estimates that significantly more than 9,000 illicit spas operate across America. The nonprofit found that illicit parlors are in business in every state – in suburban strip malls as well as big cities in a 2017 report.

In accordance with a 2014 report through escort reviews Tacoma WA the Urban Institute, the true amount of illicit parlors keeps growing and they’re expanding beyond hubs regarding the East and western coasts.

10. Earnings from illicit therapeutic massage parlors are predicted at $2.5 billion

With its report, Polaris calculated the sum total predicated on a nationwide average of two women working at each and every illicit therapeutic massage parlor, with on average 12 guys visiting each parlor each day investing $60 per check out, according to commercial intercourse review panels.

Comparable quotes had been determined by scientists whom published a 2017 article within the Journal of Human Trafficking.

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